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Dance for ghosts and black light

A pure illusion.

Diving into black light to travel across that which is invisible and observe... ghosts.

From wild races to lining up single file, from conspiracies to sudden explosions, this community is engaged in a hypnotic and jubilant dance where freedom is queen.

But watch out ! Being reckless can lead to a suddenly different turn of events... 


Pillowgraphies addresses an innate desire for whimsy. An attempt to escape seriousness, through a dance where the body dissolves into a phantasmagorical figure that is as light as it is voluptuous: the ghost. The desire to dive into a joyous nocturnal universe where, rather than walk, people simply float or glide by. The desire to inhale the scent of freedom. The freedom to lift ones arms and groan, hoping to elicit a cry of terror… or a laugh.

Production La BaZooKa
Coproductions Dieppe Scène Nationale, Le Volcan - Scène Nationale du Havre, Centre Chorégraphique National - Ballet de Lorraine  (accueil studio)  , L’Arc - Scène Nationale Le Creusot, Théâtre de l’Arsenal scène conventionnée « Art en territoire pour la danse » - Val-de-Reuil Residencies Dieppe Scène Nationale, Le Volcan - Scène Nationale du Havre, Centre Chorégraphique National - Ballet de Lorraine, Théâtre de l’Arsenal scène conventionnée « Art en territoire pour la danse » - Val-de-Reuil », Le Siroco - St Romain de Colbosc
Partners  ADAMI

La BaZooKa is a dance company which receives support from the town of Le Havre, the Région Normandie and the Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication.

La BaZooKa received support from culturel policy department of Seine Maritime for Pillowgraphies in 2016, and support from l'ODIA Normandie in 2018 for show dates in Théâtre Paris Villette.

Conception La BaZooKa (Sarah Crépin & Etienne Cuppens)

Choreography  Sarah Crépin in collaboration with dancers

With, according performances Yann Cardin, Nicolas Chaigneau, Sarah Crépin, Aurore Di Bianco, Flore Khoury, Claire Laureau-Renault, Sakiko Oishi, Matthieu Patarozzi, Marie Rual, Léa Scher, Taya Skorokhodova, Julien-Henri Vu Van Dung

Director  Etienne Cuppens

Lighting designers  Max Sautai & Christophe Olivier

Light operator Max Sautai or Philippe Ferbourg
Sound operator Etienne Cuppens or Hubert Michel
Costume designers Salina Dumay & Elsa Gérant

Music Maurice Ravel, Bernard Herrmann & Jacques Offenbach


Two versions of the show will be proposed : a "classic" version with 7 professional interpreters and a second version with the addition of a "heart" of amateur ghosts (7 to 15 depending on the venue).

Production & touring  Emilie Podevin

Administration  Diane Ribouillard

Duration  50 min  / For all ages 6+





SARAJEVO (BOSNIA-HERZEGOVINA) - National Theatre - MESS Festival - Wednesday, October 7 

Cancelled due to COVID-19  

PONTAULT-COMBAULT (77) - Les Passerelles - Thursday, October 29 (3 pm & 7 pm)

VERNOUILLET (28) - L’Atelier à spectacles - Scène conventionnée - Saturday, October 31 (8:30 pm)

Cancelled due to COVID-19 - Reschedule in 2021/2022


MEAUX (77) – Théâtre Luxembourg – Wednesday, November 4 (3 pm) & Thursday, November 5 (10 am & 2:30 pm)
Cancelled due to COVID-19 - Reschedule in 2021/2022


 LAMBALLE (22) - Quai des Rêves - Tuesday, November 24th (2 pm & 7:30 pm) 

Cancelled due to COVID-19 - Reschedule in 2021/2022


 LANNION (22) – Le Carré Magique – Pôle national des arts du cirque de Bretagne - Thursday, November 26 (2:30 pm) & Friday, November 27 (2:30 pm & 8 pm) 

Cancelled due to COVID-19 - Reschedule in 2021/2022


HAUTE-GOULAINE (44) – Le Quatrain – Tuesday, December 1 (10 am & 2:30 pm) & Wednesday, December 2 (4 pm)(canceled due to COVID-19)

Cancelled due to COVID-19 - Reschedule in 2021/2022

SAINT-NAZAIRE (44) - Le Théâtre - Scène nationale - Monday, December 14 (10 am & 2 pm) & Tuesday December 15  (2 pm & 7 pm)

Cancelled due to COVID-19




NIORT (79) - Le Moulin du Roc - Scène nationale - Friday, January 8 (2 pm) & Saturday, January 9 (7 pm)

Cancelled due to COVID-19 - Reschedule in 2021/2022


LIEVIN (62) - Arc en Ciel (partenariat Culture Commune - Scène nationale) - Thurday, February 4 (2:30 pm) & Friday, February 5 (2:30 pm & 8 pm)

Cancelled due to COVID-19


ISTRES (13) - Théâtre de l’Olivier - Scènes et Cinés - Scène conventionnée Art en territoire - Les Elancés - Friday, February 19 (10 am & 2:30 pm) & Saturday, February 20 (3 pm)

Cancelled due to COVID-19 - Reschedule in 2021/2022


MONTPELLIER (34) - Domaine d’Ô - Monday, February 22 (11 am) & Tueday, February 23 (11 am)

Cancelled due to COVID-19 - Reschedule in 2021/2022


CORBEIL-ESSONNE (91) - Théâtre de Corbeil-Essonne - Essonne Danse - Tuesday, March 9 (2:15 pm) & Wednesday, March 10 (2:15 pm)


PONTIVY (56) - Palais des Congrès (partenariat Danse à tous les étages) - Tuesday, March 16 (8 pm)


NOISY-LE-SEC (93) – Théâtre des Bergeries – Tuesday, May 18 (2:30 pm & 7:30 pm) & Thursday, May 20 (10:30 am & 2:30 pm)

Previous dates


Wednesday, november 8 & Thursday, november 9, 2017

DSN - Scène Nationale de Dieppe


Tuesday, november 21 & Wednesday, november 22, 2017

Théâtre de l'Arsenal


Wednesday, december 20, 2017

Le Volcan - Scène Nationale du Havre - AdHoc Festival


Tuesday, april 24 & Wednesday, april 25, 2018

L'ARC - Scène Nationale du Creusot

BITOLA  (North Macedonia)

Tuesday, october 2, 2018 (1:00 pm)

National Theater - Festival Bitolino


From friday, october 19 to sunday, november 4, 2018

Théâtre Paris Villette


Wednesday, november 21, 2018

Thursday, november 22

Théâtre Charles Dullin



Tuesday, december 11, 2018

Le Colisée / "Les Petits Pas" Festival (organized by Le Gymnase - CDCN)


Friday, february 1, 2019 

Saturday, february 2, 2019

Espace Culturel de la Pointe de Caux


Tuesday, february 26, 2019

Version with amateur choreographic choir

Théâtre Roger Ferdinand


Wednesday, May 8 & Thursday, May 9, 2019

Forum - "Danse De Tous Les Sens" Festival


Friday, October 11, 2019

Théâtre du Vésinet

BLOIS (41)    

Thursday, October 17, 2019

La Halle aux Grains - Scène nationale   

AGEN (47)   

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Théâtre Ducourneau   

ANGERS (49)   

Thursday, November 28 to Saturday, November 30, 2019

Le Quai - CDN   

SAINTES (17)  

Tuesday, December 3 to Thursday, December 5, 2019

Gallia Théâtre


Saturday, December 7, 2019

Centre des Arts - Scène conventionnée écritures numériques   

QUIMPER (29)  

Thursday, December 12 & Friday, December 13, 2019

Théâtre de Cornouaille - Scène nationale - "Théâtre à Tout Âge" Festival (booked by Très Tôt Théâtre - Scène conventionnée jeunes publics)   


Wednesday, December 18 & Thursday, December 19, 2019

Centre d'Animation de Beaulieu   


Tuesday, January 7 & Wednesday, January 8, 2020

La Comète Scène nationale


Tuesday, January 14 & Wednesday, January 15

Centre culturel Marc Sangnier (booking CDN de Normandie-Rouen)

PLAN-LES-OUATES (Switzerland)

Wednesday, February 12

Espace Vélodrome - « Antigel » Festival

BRON (69) 

Tuesday, February 18 & Wednesday, February 19 (version with the addition of a "heart" of amateur ghosts)

Espace Albert Camus


Friday, February 21

La Coloc de la culture

REDON (35) 

Tuesday, March 10

Le Canal

RENNES (35) 

Thursday, March 12

Le Triangle - Cité de la danse

performances canceled or due to coronavirus

ORSAY (91)

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Conservatoire à rayonnement départemental Paris-Saclay (booking cultural office of Orsay) – « Essonne Danse » partnership


Thursday, April 23 & Friday, April 24, 2020

Théâtre Et Cinéma Jacques Prévert


Sunday, April 26 & Monday, April 27, 2020

Espace Michel Simon

LAVAL (53)

Wednesday, April 29 &Thursday, April 30, 2020

Le Théâtre Scène conventionnée


Tuesday, May 12 to Thursday, May 14, 2020

Centre culturel de La Loge - Scènes de Pays


"A first ghost, a second, a third ... cross the stage. Each time they appear, the effect is striking, making the children in the audience shout out, half-surprised, half-amused. We watch a ballet of ghosts, their sheets suspended in the air, sometimes swept away by the wind, sometimes grouped together, composing fluid figures to extracts of music, including Daphnis et Chloé, by Maurice Ravel. We can pick up on different choreographic references, from Merce Cunningham to Maurice Béjart (who choreographed a famous ballet to the Boléro, also by Ravel). In the viewer's imagination, a story unfolds as the group comes apart, then gets back together, until the sheet falls and another surprise appears ... The construction / deconstruction of the piece is wonderful, the pleasure of illusion giving way to the pleasure of dance and the hypnotic movements of the dancers’ bodies "

Françoise Sabatier-Morel in Télérama Sortir TTT


“Ghosts dancing in black light, this is what the company La BaZooKa, based in Le Havre, are proposing this time and each new show of theirs is such a delight. Seven ghosts, seven male and female dancers, seven sheets with two holes cut out for the eyes and a good helping of childhood play to hold everything together. Because it is childhood that seems to be the spark for "Pillowgraphies", a time in our lives that many of us as adults look back upon with tenderness, even if it is true that we did not of course have the right to cut out eyes in Granny’s sheets when we played ghost. But the company members from La BaZooKa have long understood that one of the best bits about adulthood is that we no longer need to ask for permission to do silly things, and we can imagine them all giggling as they grab hold of the scissors. These sheets, thrown onto the dancers’ bodies to "make ghosts", and the "Bolero" by Ravel which resonates in our ears during the show, are both two elements of the collective unconscious, those little things which come and tease each one of us, stimulating memories. We can choose to see the show as an ode to childhood; we can also prefer to see it as a real ghost story, not so far removed from our own human stories, where we play, we get scared, we run after each other, and where there are leaders and followers. And then the sheets fall off, and we don’t really know if the ghosts have decided to play humans, or if they have been granted a new body. What we do know, however, is that, even though all the movements were soft and bouncy under the sheets, without the sheets there is an element of Lucinda Childs in Sarah Crépin’s choreography. "Pillowgraphies" brings adults and children together, the adults’ laughter echoing the small voices, marvelling at seeing ghosts for real – the proof that they are real ghosts is that they don’t have any feet! This playing around with magic and the supernatural is reminiscent of certain scenes from Walt Disney’s "Fantasia". La BaZooKa say they want to question the ability of the viewer to believe in what they see. Mission accomplished.“

Audrey Santacroce in I/O Gazette

"If someone says "ghost", what do you think of? Some people might immediately think about the costumes from ‘Pillowgraphies' : a white sheet and two big holes for the eyes. So one might seriously think that this is a show for children, questioning that eternal fear of the dark and the iconic figure of the ghost. But then we quickly realise that the show is actually about something else :  the way in which Yann Cardin, Sarah Crépin, Aurore Di Bianco, Flora Khoury, Claire Laureau-Renault, Sakiko Oishi, Matthew Patarozzi, Marie Rual, Léa Scher, Taya Skorokhodova and Julien-Henri Vu Van Dung alternately overplay their indistinguishable ghosts, makes us think that something must be hiding under the whiteness of the sheets. In a way which is both clever and simple, using black light, the dancers’ feet are made invisible. They float and move around at the speed of wind, which is of course completely normal for spirits. Not so much for dancers. These eternally wandering bodies run after each other and then seem to be seized with emotion when Ravel's Boléro comes on, their movements becoming exactly those of Maurice Béjart’s choreography, immortalized by Jorge Donn in Claude Lelouch's film Les Uns and Les Autres. A dramatic (or rather danced) twist, that we will not reveal, will allow you to understand the essence of contemporary dance : what looks easy never is, the dancers’ technique is sublime when it seems to be almost inexistent (...).

Pillowgraphies creates a story for bodies which are invisible and invites each person to appreciate the show in their own way : bodies which are held captive, bodies which are haunted. The finesse with which the show is written allows everything to finally tie together, whilst addressing every member of the audience, both young and old. A show which is pure contemporary dance, taking its inspiration in breathing, as a way of moving, free from any abruptness."

Amélie Blaustein Niddam in TouteLaCulture.com

"La BaZooKa, directed by Sarah Crépin and Etienne Cuppens, presents a show which is both poetic and visually stunning, mysterious and playful, led by a very traditional looking army of ghosts, with uniforms made of white sheets, which are also phosphorescent because they are performing in the dark.... "

Marie Plantin in Pariscope