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Nos rituels

One of the most surprising things about trying to recount a memory is that there are always hazy parts. While we may believe to be weaving a narrative that reflects reality in all its subjectivity, there’s always an inevitable splash of fiction that makes its way into the story. The storytellers in “Our Rituals” (Nos Rituels) come bearing their true stories, to progressively construct a collective memory. It’s a sea of sensations inviting us to play without limits… 


“Our Rituals” (Nos Rituels) is a whimsical and radiant experience performed across an empty stage by seven individuals who share both the intense desire for levity as well as an affinity for ritualized dances where bodies are simply transported by the effectiveness of music. And chants! A rhythm that takes over to make space for total escape. Elements of the performance flow across each other in a delicious frenzy that conjures up long-forgotten emotions. Stories of infinite seas, manta rays, flutes, ungraspable angels, camping grounds, glistening bodies, Irish tap dancers and catastrophic Christmases past…. A choral portrait that celebrates the boiling, bubbling nature of life brought about by the presence of men, women, and does.

memories and doe's dances

Conception & Realisation La BaZooKa (Etienne Cuppens & Sarah Crépin)

With Théo Aucremanne, Alek Boff, Nicolas Chaigneau, Sarah Crépin, Laure Mathis, Maï Ogawa & Taya Skorokhodova

External Gaze

Claire Laureau


Sakiko Oishi

Costumes Marion Egner assisted by Nathalie Bréault

Lights Christophe Olivier


Alek Boff et Maï Ogawa On voit les Anges 

Da Hool I met her at the love Parade 

The Mills Brothers Chinatown 

W.A. Mozart L’ho Perduta. Me Meschina 

Production/Diffusion Emilie Podevin Administration Diane Ribouillard

Communication Louise Lorieux 

Coproductions Le Volcan - Scène Nationale du Havre, Dieppe Scène Nationale, Les 2 Angles - Relais Culturel Régional de Flers

Hosts (studios) Le Phare - CCN du Havre-Normandie - Direction Emmanuelle Vo-Dinh (Accueil studio 2021)

Supports Théâtre des Bains Douches - Le Havre, Le Siroco - Saint Romain de Colbosc

La BaZooKa is a dance company which receives support from the town of Le Havre, the Région Normandie and the Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication.

La BaZooKa received support from culturel policy department of Seine Maritime for Nos Rituels.

Carré - mai.png

Previous performances

LE HAVRE (76) - Le Volcan - Scène nationale – Tuesday, Fabruary 22nd – PREMIERE

DIEPPE (76) - Dieppe Scène nationale – March, Tuesday, 1st 

LE HAVRE (76) Le Volcan - Scène Nationale - Tuesday 4th October 2022 

GONFREVILLE-L’ORCHER (76) Espace Culturel de la Pointe de Caux - Tuesday 23rd May 2023

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