attendez-moi !

Morpho-Attendez Moi-rvb© Etienne Cuppens.jpg

solo for Zouzou

Zouzou at least would be fair ! Because she would be detached from any judgment, she would do what she feels, she wouldn’t give a damn about the audience, who is watching, what other people think. She wouldn’t try to impress anyone, she wouldn’t care about being respected, she would live her life. Yes, Zouzou, she would really be the perfect performer, the most unrestrained mind and the most incarnated at the same time.

Can reliving childhood memories create a dance? Revive solar sensations like so many pages from a private diary? Rise to the surface a dance buried in the depths of a water table that was just waiting to be woke up. A soft dance you could have in your legs, like that, without strength, until the end of your life.


La BaZooKa (Sarah Crépin & Etienne Cuppens)


Sarah Crépin

Production & diffusion

Emilie Podevin


Diane Ribouillard


Louise Lorieux


La BaZooKa 


MuMa, Musée d'art Moderne André Malraux, Le Havre 



Le Phare, Centre Chorégraphique National du Havre-Normandie, Emmanuelle Vo-Dinh, Solenne Racapé & toute l’équipe. Le MuMa, Musée d’art Moderne du Havre, Annette Haudiquet, Marie Bazire & toute l’équipe. Kiddam Riidim Collectif 1.6