Nos rituels

If you had to recount a memory, without thinking, which one would come first?


“The seven interpreters of Nos Rituels, have answered this question. Exploring intimacies, they capture the “true stories” that rise to the surface. Little by little, elements of a collective memory are revealed and shared. Disasters, cowardice, giggles and Christmas cribs intertwine and collide. And then they dance and sing to celebrate the bubbling vibrancy of the living, which arises from the presence of men, women and hinds...”


Conception & Realisation La BaZooKa (Etienne Cuppens & Sarah Crépin)

With Théo Aucremanne, Alek Boff, Nicolas Chaigneau, Sarah Crépin, Laure Mathis, Maï Ogawa & Taya Skorokhodova

External Gaze

Claire Laureau


Sakiko Oishi

Costumes Marion Egner assisted by Nathalie Bréault

Lights Christophe Olivier


Alek Boff et Maï Ogawa Les Anges 

Da Hool I met her at the love Parade 

The Mills Brothers Chinatown 

W.A. Mozart L’ho Perduta. Me Meschina 

Production/Diffusion Emilie Podevin Administration Diane Ribouillard Communication Louise Lorieux 



Coproductions Le Volcan - Scène Nationale du Havre, Dieppe Scène Nationale, Le Phare - CCN du Havre-Normandie - Direction Emmanuelle Vo-Dinh (Accueil studio 2021), Les 2 Angles - Relais Culturel Régional de Flers

Supports Théâtre des Bains Douches - Le Havre, Le Siroco - Saint Romain de Colbosc

LE HAVRE (76) - Le Volcan - Scène nationale – Tuesday, Fabruary 22nd (08:30 pm) – PREMIERE

DIEPPE (76) - Dieppe Scène nationale – March, Tuesday, 1st (08:00 pm)