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All of this to say …

the “fantastical” isn’t exclusively accessible through the world of film ! 

Both La BaZooKa and the Belgian group,

Alek et les japonaises, strive to introduce new audiences to joyful and uninhibited forms of dance, empowering spectators to take these choreographies home with them and make them their own long after the show is over.


“Fantastical” in nature, these dances draw inspiration from 20th century science fiction and horror films.


This is a genre where creativity flourishes, with cinematographic masterpieces and pop culture classics alike. Zombies, superheroes, mutants, and spacemen all make appearances throughout four main dances :

The Round Dance from Space – a choreographic, and highly abbreviated, interpretation of 2001 :

A Space Odyssey,

The Fly's Boogie – a dance of metamorphosis,

Aerobicman – a dance based on super powers,

The Skating Rink from Hell – a deadly dance.

An assortment of jingles and choreographic happenings’ are also added to the mix.

Conception La BaZooKa (Sarah Crépin et Etienne Cuppens)

Choreography Sarah Crépin, Nicolas Chaigneau, Claire Laureau et Massimo Fusco

With  Sarah Crépin, Nicolas Chaigneau, Claire Laureau and Massimo Fusco or Matthieu Patarozzi or Julien-Henri Vu Van Dung (according to performances)

Live Music  Alek et les Japonaises 

Lights  Laurence Halloy

Production La BaZooKa

Coproduction Le Rive-Gauche/ Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray,

2 angles - Relais culturel de Flers

Supports Département de Seine-maritime

Duration  2h

Previous dates


FLERS (61)  - July, 13, 2015

2 Angles, relais culturel régional


SAINT-ETIENNE-DU ROUVRAY (76)  - April, 30, 2016

Le Rive-Gauche


RENNES (35) - April, 7,  2017

Les Champs Libres


FALAISE (14)  - May, 8, 2017

Festival "Danse de tous les sens"


RENNES (35)  - June, 10, 2017

Festival Agitato / Le Triangle

ROUBAIX (59)  - December, 8, 2017

Festival "les Petits Pas" / Le Gymnase CDCN

LE HAVRE (76)  - December, 16, 2017

SAINT-HERBLAIN (44)  - February, 25, 2018

Festival  Nijinskyd / Onyx


FOSSESS (95)  - March, 23, 2018

Espace Germinal

BRIEC (29)  - May, 9, 2018

Centre culturel Arthémuse / Très Tôt Théâtre


HAUTE-GOULAINE  - September, 21, 2018

Le Quatrain

ROUEN - September, 27, 2018

Maison de l’université

GONESSE- September, 29, 2018

Salle Jacques Brel


L’Onde Théâtre