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To celebrate the next 500 years, we wanted to create a ‘voyage’ with seven stages and rituals. A journey that projects us into the future, fueled by all our precious, uplifting ‘firsts’:
Crossing a sunlit garden. Opening a surprise parcel. Climbing aboard a small boat and mooring on an island. Seeing extraordinary creatures. Making a wish. Gently touching a statue. Dancing under bright lights…

The journey will begin at the entrance to the Japanese garden, transformed into an Edo-era tsukubaï. Its destination will be an islet in the middle of the nearby pool, where you can leave a wish. A wish, suspended and adding color to the projections into an uncertain future, and expressing our feelings and desires.

At the center of the islet, a small ‘temple’ on the water where lucky visitors and carefree souls will be in for a surprise. We urge you all to write down a wish, right now, a testimony, an idea that we can leave as the legacy for a millennium.


A dynamic facility on the La Barre basin,

as part of the

Un été au Havre 2017” Festival

Exploitation  from May, 27 to October, 8, 2017

Conception & realisation  Etienne Cuppens & Sarah Crépin

Realisations & supports  Etienne Daude, Joël Cornet,

Vincent Le Bodo, Philippe Ferbourg, Olivier Conan, Gwenola Néron, Bouchaïd, Xavier Legrand, Séverine Charvet, Stefan Balev, Emilie Podevin, Yaël Vallée, Romain Renault

Production La BaZooKa  and Artevia


le temple aux 5000 voeux

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